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not too worried about chef kid over here

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cheap Canada Goose Narratively, I think it could been handled a little better, but I just angry at Natsuo for thinking that this decision was a good idea at ALL.resolving it? Super easy. Natsuo needs to seek help from either Hina, Fumiya, or anybody else who he is actually close with, and that Rui knows is trustworthy, and not some random fuck who she knows has feelings for you. Once you can get out of that and make Rui realize that it was never her fault that any of this happened, there is no doubt in my mind that she wouldn be able to repress her feelings any more, and boom, relationship solved.not too worried about chef kid over here, because I think even if they do somehow end up in some kind of relationship, I doubt that it would last at all. cheap Canada Goose

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